Law Firm Moves To Secure Cloud For Data Management

Legal Firm
Legal Firm


Growing Legal Services Firm Requires Strategic IT Assistance

Ankura Consulting, a business advisory firm that provides a wide range of legal services, had a small IT team who were becoming overwhelmed.

As the firm continued to expand, they were concerned their IT environment was not up to date and would not scale to meet their new business plans.

Most importantly, they were worried they weren't meeting industry regulations for secure data management, and weren't sure exactly what should be done.

They turned to Ntiva as an IT consultancy resource, as they felt they didn't have the in-house expertise needed to make strategic technology and cyber security decisions.


Migration to Cloud for Efficiency, Security and Compliance

Ntiva discovered that most of their computers and servers were out of date, which posed a very serious security threat.

The first step was to migrate the firm to Microsoft Office 365, a secure cloud solution that would make sure all employees were using the exact same business software.

The next step was to propose a new network design to replace the outdated infrastructure, which was hindering performance and slowing employee productivity. 

This included moving to a new cloud-based document and retrieval solution, one of many critical steps which was needed to comply with industry regulations. 

Legal firms must adhere to strict archival compliance standards for their highly confidential client information, mandated by both state and federal laws.

The new cloud-based virtual server solution would streamline their data storage and retrieval needs, and allow for unlimited scale as they grew.

Additional managed security solutions were put in place as well, making sure the firm was completely compliant.


Ongoing Co-Managed IT Support Meets Strategic Goals

The new network design helped the firm improve operational productivity and set the stage for continued growth. Instructions for how to maintain and manage all new systems were carefully documented by Ntiva and handed off to the client's IT staff.

Migrating to the cloud for document storage and retrieval ensured easy access to data from all offices, while improving security at the same time.

After the consulting engagement ended, the firm elected to hire Ntiva to continue to augment their existing IT staff, relieving them of routine duties that had been slipping behind, and working with them on strategic goals for the future.

Migrating to the cloud for document storage and retrieval ensured easy access to data from all office locations, while improving security and compliance.

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