All-Tech Decorating Streamlines Bidding with Custom-Built Job Management Platform

Commercial Contracting company


Manual Job Management and Bidding Slows Down Revenue

All-Tech Decorating (ATD) is a union painting contractor located in Romeoville, Illinois. They specialize in commercial, industrial, residential painting and specialty coating applications. ATD came to Ntiva in need of a platform to centrally manage their jobs from start to finish, including the bidding process, budget creation, work orders, purchase orders, overtime authorization, daily safety training and safety reports, and union notification.

Historically, ATD performed all of these steps manually. Everything from sharing job information to creating and updating bids was done via spreadsheets and email. As a result, every aspect of job management took more time than it should: Preparing and submitting bids for new jobs was taking staff an average of two weeks to complete.

In short, time and resources for current jobs were not being tracked or managed efficiently.

“The BPI assessment was a low-risk investment that turned out to yield high rewards for our company. We discovered that there were a lot of inefficiencies and wasted time. The ATD Information Center platform ended up saving us at least $330,000 in manual staff time in a 3-year period.”
- Donald Steadman, All-Tech Decorating


A Hub of Functionality and Efficiency

To gain a clear view of their challenges and needs, Ntiva engaged ATD in a Business Process Improvement Assessment. From there, they custom build a centralized information hub, named the ATD Information Center, to integrate data from multiple locations, like their accounting and take-off systems, and house it all in one place for easy access.

This new hub pulls bid data and pushes job cost data, purchasing, work orders, union information, and more. Some of the key features include customizable fields, dropdown menus, check boxes, email templates and more, as well as field auto-population and form linking. The integration for this platform was built in such a way that should ATD need to replace a system, like their accounting system, no other system will be compromised because the information center abstracts the accounting function away from other systems.



Winning the Bidding Game — With Less Effort

The new platform enables ATD staff to easily create their own custom forms tailored to every aspect of the job, such as boom-lift requests, work order requests, and authorization forms. The platform is so easy to use that non-technical employees are able to build the forms on their own without the need of a programmer.

As a result, bid preparation time has been slashed from an average of two weeks … to just two days, resulting in massive savings in staff time, an increase in bid production, and more job wins.