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Ntiva was officially founded in 2004 by our founder and CEO Steven Freidkin, but one could say that "unofficially" Ntiva was started when Steven was just 13 years old.

Mistaken for an employee in CompUSA because he was wearing a red shirt, Steven was asked for technical advice by a wealthy business man. As it turned out, Steven's advice was good and soon his first client led him to 20 more - and his business continued to grow through high school and college.

Ntiva is now over 120 people strong, and has grown almost exclusively through referrals and our unwavering focus on our core values:

  • Focusing on customer service first
  • Managing every client dollar as if it were our own
  • Hiring, developing, and retaining the very best people

We know that technology is a crucial part of every business, and having the right technology in place is more than a competitive advantage - it’s critical to growth and success!

Steven continues to keep the team zeroed in on our core mission, which is to provide the expertise, accountability and personal responsiveness that are often lacking in the IT services industry. Ntiva has always had this vision - it isn’t the technology that makes a managed IT service provider stand out, it’s the service.

We understand the importance of keeping your business operating at full throttle, and employ experts who know their stuff and are excited to put that knowledge to work to make your business better.


You can find expertise anywhere, but our level of enthusiasm and passion can only be found at Ntiva! 

The Ntiva Difference



The number one thing that most clients care about is response time. Read how we’ve changed from the typical help desk model to a round the clock Service Desk staffed with fully trained technicians, not call agents.



We’ve invested heavily in automation tools that keep our client’s core systems up and running, finding and fixing issues before they become real problems. Read more on how automation helps provide our clients with a better experience.



No one is perfect, and just like any business, mistakes are made. Our focus is on building long term relationships with our clients – learn how we’ve put systems in place to ensure our team provides the level of care that’s critical for sustained growth.

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Awards & Achievements

Ntiva named as top IT Solution  Provider 2019


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