IT Service Descriptions

Premium Apple® Support

Ntiva's Premium Apple Support is a comprehensive solution designed to simplify the management of your Apple® devices, thereby enhancing operational performance.

Service Description® 

Ntiva's Premium Apple Support is a comprehensive solution designed to simplify the management of your Apple® devices, thereby enhancing operational performance. By leveraging state-of-the-art mobile device management (MDM) tools, our service streamlines device deployment, management, and maintenance, providing both efficiency and optimization.  


Apple® Certified Technicians: As a member of the Apple Consultant Network, Ntiva’s Premium Apple Solution gives you access to Apple certified specialists, ensuring expert care for all your Apple devices.   

Mobile Device Management (MDM):  The cloud-based MDM solution allows Ntiva to deploy devices to your workforce with minimal to no touch required.  The automation behind the MDM will deploy and manage applications, preferences, and settings.  Additionally, Ntiva can monitor the health and performance of all Apple devices from a centralized dashboard, to quickly identify and resolve issues remotely (reducing downtime and improving productivity).  

Immediate response: We understand the urgency of your technical issues, which is why our technicians are ready to assist you right away. As soon as you reach out to us via phone or live chat, our team will be on hand to address your concerns and provide solutions.   

Scheduled response: When your busy schedule requires more planning you can utilize our convenient scheduling or email options.  These options are accessed via our website or your MDM support menu.  

Problem diagnosis and resolution: Our knowledgeable technicians will carefully analyze your issue, asking the right questions to gain a better understanding of the problem at hand. Once the root cause is identified, we will provide you with step-by-step guidance or remotely access your device to troubleshoot and resolve the issue, ensuring minimal downtime and disruption to your workflow. 

Software and hardware support: Whether your computer is running slow, you're struggling with a particular software application, or you need assistance with printer connectivity or other hardware-related problems, our help desk support team has you covered. We have expertise in a wide range of software and hardware solutions, enabling us to offer comprehensive assistance. 

Automated Patch Management: Ntiva can ensure that managed applications are up to date with the latest security patches and software updates. Automated patching reduces vulnerabilities and enhances cybersecurity.    

Monitoring: Ntiva offers Vision-Bot access, which provides information on your device’s status. This includes details about storage capacity, FileVault activation, battery life, backups, and workload management.

Asset Inventory: Maintains a comprehensive inventory of all workstation hardware and software components. Easily track your workstation environment using our proprietary app Vision-Bot. 

Security Monitoring: Combined with our Antivirus solution, Ntiva can monitor workstations for security threats, including malware, viruses, and suspicious activities. 


Our service request team will collaborate with you to create a comprehensive onboarding document tailored for new users and workstations.  We prioritize a “zero-touch” deployment through Mobile Device Management (MDM) whenever possible.  However, if any workstation requires manual setup (fully or partially), we will coordinate a dedicated time with the respective user.  We request that you provide us with as much advance notice of new users and workstations as possible, but no less than 2 business days.   

Manual onboarding of workstations is limited to 3 per week.  Additional workstations will either be deducted from Client’s Renewable Block of Time, or will be invoiced to Client at Ntiva’s then current rates per the terms of Ntiva’s Master Services Agreement.  

Service Workflow  

Step 1: Initial Contact 

  • The customer contacts our help desk support team via phone, email, chat, scheduled request, or an online support portal. 
  • Our team collects the necessary information, including the customer's name, contact details, and a detailed description of the issue or request. 

Step 2: Issue Identification and Triage 

  • Our knowledgeable help desk staff carefully analyze the provided information to understand the customer's specific problem or requirement. 
  • They categorize the request and assign it a priority level based on the impact on business operations and urgency. 

Step 3: Troubleshooting and Resolution 

  • Our skilled help desk technicians begin investigating the reported issue, utilizing their expertise and access to a vast knowledge base of solutions. 
  • They communicate with the customer to gather additional information and perform necessary diagnostics or remote troubleshooting. 
  • Based on their assessment, the technician offers step-by-step guidance or initiates a remote session to identify and fix the problem. 

Step 4: Elevation and Collaboration 

  • If the issue requires further assistance, our help desk team follows an elevation procedure to involve higher-level technicians or subject matter experts. 
  • Collaboration with other teams or vendors may be necessary for complex issues, and prompt communication ensures seamless cooperation. 

Step 5: Monitoring and Follow-Up 

  • Our help desk team keeps a close eye on the progress of each open ticket, ensuring that the issue is being addressed within the defined service-level objective. 
  • Regular updates are provided to the customer, keeping them informed about the progress and estimated time of resolution. 
  • In cases where resolution takes longer, our team provides interim workarounds or suggestions to minimize disruption. 

Step 6: Resolution and Closure 

  • Once the issue is resolved to the satisfaction of the customer, our help desk team confirms with them, ensuring that the problem has been successfully addressed. 
  • They document the entire troubleshooting and resolution process for future reference and knowledge sharing. 
  • The ticket is officially closed, and the customer receives a final update, along with an invitation to provide feedback on their experience. 

Step 7: Continuous Improvement 

  • Our help desk team gathers customer feedback on a regular basis to identify potential areas of improvement. 
  • Any recurring or systemic issues are prioritized for preventive measures, such as knowledge base updates, training sessions for staff, or process enhancements. 

By following this comprehensive service workflow, our help desk support service ensures prompt and knowledgeable assistance for all customer-reported issues or requests. Whether it's software glitches, hardware troubleshooting, or general IT inquiries, our dedicated team is here to provide support to keep your business running smoothly. 

Service Features  

Below you will find what is included in your Premium Apple Support agreement: 

  • Vision-Bot Access:  Vision-Bot is Ntiva’s proprietary portal, developed to simplify management of your devices.  Vision-Bot delivers powerful search functionality and visual reporting of your managed macOS and iOS devices. 
  • Troubleshooting Technical Issues: Our remote support provides troubleshooting for a wide range of technical issues, including software glitches, hardware malfunctions, network connectivity problems, and system errors. Our skilled technicians remotely access your devices or systems to identify and resolve these issues promptly. 
  • Workstation Software Installation and Configuration: Our remote support team assists with the installation, configuration, and setup of various software applications. Whether you need help with installing new software or configuring existing programs, our technicians guide you through the process remotely, ensuring smooth and error-free installations. 
  • System Cleanup and Optimization: We help optimize your systems by performing regular cleanups and removing unwanted files, temporary data, and redundant applications. This enhances system performance, improves efficiency, and frees up valuable disk space. 
  • Virus and Malware Removal: Our remote support service includes comprehensive virus and malware removal to safeguard your systems from security threats. Our technicians utilize specialized tools and techniques to detect and eliminate malicious software, ensuring the security and integrity of your data and systems. 
  • Hardware Troubleshooting: We provide remote assistance for diagnosing and troubleshooting hardware issues. Our technicians guide you through the process of identifying faulty components, ensuring proper connections, and resolving hardware-related problems without the need for physical visits. 
  • Peripheral Device Setup and Support: Our remote support service extends to peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, and external storage devices. We offer guidance and assistance for setting up and troubleshooting these devices, ensuring seamless integration with your systems. 
  • User Account Management: We assist with user account management, including creating new user accounts, managing access privileges, and resetting passwords. Our remote support team ensures that user accounts are properly configured and maintained, granting appropriate levels of access based on your organization's requirements. 
  • Email Configuration and Support: Our technicians provide remote support for configuring email accounts and resolving email-related issues. Whether you use webmail or desktop email clients, we can assist with the setup, troubleshooting, and general support of email. 

Service Assumptions  

Client Responsibilities 

Ntiva commits to high standards of network performance and availability.  In order for Ntiva to achieve these results, Client agrees, during this Service Attachment Term: 

  • To notify Ntiva via Service Ticket one (1) business day or more prior to all significant proposed Device changes to allow Ntiva to comment prior to any changes occurring. 
  • To maintain ownership of a valid, genuine, and authentic User or Device license for every Operating System and Application installed on all devices at all client sites, regardless of whether the device is a managed device. 
  • To maintain records of all software media with product keys, serial numbers and unlock codes and provide the same to Ntiva upon onboarding or deployment of software.   
  • To maintain, with Ntiva’s assistance, licensed copies, and valid maintenance and upgrade contracts for all software installed on managed devices; and to designate Ntiva as an authorized agent under those contracts. 
  • To maintain, with Ntiva’s assistance, valid support and upgrade contracts or extended warranties for all managed devices; and to designate Ntiva as an authorized agent under those contracts and warranties. 
  • To provide Client staff to act as Ntiva’s “remote hands” to perform simple On-Site tasks if necessary. 
  • To plan for, with Ntiva’s assistance, the upgrade of any Device, Operating System or Application that becomes or is scheduled to become end-of-life or end-of-support by its manufacturer, whether covered under this service agreement or not. 

Prescribed IT Standards 

The effectiveness and ability of Ntiva to support your infrastructure is predicated by maintaining an established minimum set of Prescribed IT Standards (“Standards”) as they relate to industry best practices. 

These prescribed standards ensure Ntiva’s ability to safeguard data and to meet the agreed upon service levels in this Agreement. 

IT Function 

Prescribed IT Standard 

Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware: 

Ntiva provided Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware solution only. 


Industry standard business class firewall for all non-residential spaces.  Linux ‘white box’ appliances, open source and router based IOS firewalls are not supported. 


Internal Microsoft Exchange Server or Cloud hosted e-mail solution that is not POP3 based (i.e., Office 365 and Google Apps). 

Email Filtering:  

Current and approved hosted E-mail filtering solution. 


Business grade Internet connection such as Cable, Bonded T1 or fiber, including residential spaces.  DSL connections are not supported. 


Ntiva follows Apple’s recommendation for operating systems.  All macOS versions should be no more than two (2) releases old. Hardware warranty should be current according to manufacturers’ recommendations. 


Compliant with software licensing requirements as specified by the software/application developer. 


For covered devices, it is the responsibility of the CLIENT to adhere to the above standards and subsequent updates to these standards with Ntiva’s assistance.  Should standards not be met within a reasonable period of time, Ntiva reserves the right to modify the level of support provided for items that do not meet the standards. 

Services resulting from outages, troubleshooting, remediation and recovery efforts as they relate to deficiencies per these standards are not inclusive of the fixed fee agreement and may result in additional fees or costs.   

Excluded Services 

Supplemental services that you request, and not covered by the service agreement will be invoiced to you at Ntiva’s then current rates per the terms of Ntiva’s Master Services Agreement.  

Services delivered under this service agreement do not include: 

  • Hardware repairs for products not covered by manufacturer warranty, such as replacement parts. 
  • Device service or repair made necessary due to a violation of any client responsibility listed herein.  
  • Services necessitated due to Force Majeure conditions. 
  • Services and repair made necessary by the repair, alteration or modification of any covered device by anyone other than Ntiva or the device’s manufacturer-authorized service agency.   
  • Programming (modification of software code) and program (software) maintenance, other than for the Supported Applications. 
  • Maintenance and repair, or modification and administration of unsupported telephone systems, including cloud and softphone applications.  
  • Maintenance or repair of any printer, copier, scanner, or multifunctional device, except as it relates to software drivers and configurations on workstations. 
  • Locations not listed within this agreement. 

Apple is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc and is used under license.  

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