IT Service Descriptions

Ntiva Onboarding and Offboarding Process

Our onboarding process is designed to ensure a smooth transition for your business, tailored to the unique needs and complexities of your organization.

Our process is meticulously planned to ensure a smooth and successful transition for your business.  

While the onboarding process can be different for every client, depending on the size and complexity of your organization, there are many common elements. 

First, you will be assigned a team who will manage the onboarding process, including your Ntiva Account Manager (AM), Project Manager (PM), Onboarding Engineer (OE) and other department representatives as required.  

The onboarding team will then schedule the initial kickoff meeting as well as the subsequent weekly project meetings to keep everything on track. 

Onboarding Deliverables  

Here is a short list of the key deliverables you can expect from Ntiva during the onboarding process:

  • Project Management: Your PM and OE will coordinate the deployment of contracted services, manage project changes, and ensure thorough documentation. 
  • Regular Updates: A constantly updated project plan will be provided to keep you informed. 
  • Field Resources: We'll dispatch field resources for surveys and assessments as needed. 
  • Future Recommendations: Identification of future improvement recommendations for your IT environment. 

Here is a short list of deliverables we will need from the client:

  • Information Gathering: Assist our onboarding team with general information gathering. 
  • Incumbent IT Coordination: Engage with your current IT provider and internal departments for a smooth information handoff. 
  • Weekly Engagement: Participate in our status calls and facilitate discussions within your organization. 
  • Access Provision: Provide physical and admin access to locations, servers, applications, and network equipment. 
  • Point of Contact Definition: Define primary points of contact for each location and a list of end users for support. 
  • Feedback and Collaboration: Offer feedback and collaborate in formulating support and escalation processes. 

Onboarding Process - Step By Step 

Here’s the full scoop on how we'll get you set up: 

Phase 1: Kickoff and Introduction 

    • Welcome Call: We kick off with an introductory call to welcome you and understand your specific needs and expectations. 
    • Team Introduction: You'll meet your dedicated Account Manager and Onboarding Specialist, who will be your primary contact points throughout this journey. 
  • Project Kickoff Begins:
      1. Project Build Out
      2. Ordering Equipment
      3. Team Review of Agreement
      4. Coordination and Scheduling of Kickoff Calls (Internal and Client Facing)
      5. Scheduling Weekly Meetings (Internal and Client Facing)
      6. Project Management Communication and Support

Phase 2: Discovery and Planning 

  • IT Infrastructure Review: Our team conducts a thorough assessment of your current IT setup, including hardware, software, network configurations, and security measures. 
    This review includes:
    • Collection and Verification of Network Information
    • Deployment of various network tools 
    • Conducting Virtual or Onsite Site Survey
    • Creation of Network Diagram
    • Importing User Contact List
    • Submission of Client Domains for Allow Lists
  • Documentation and Analysis: We meticulously document all aspects of your IT environment, analyzing for improvements and alignments with best practices. 

Phase 3: Implementation and Setup 

  • Tool Installation: Our experts will install necessary management and monitoring tools on your systems, ensuring comprehensive coverage and support. 
  • Security and Compliance Checks: We perform an in-depth security assessment and compliance checks to ensure your data and systems are protected.  These may include:
    • Provisioning of Vulnerability Scanning, Phishing Prevention, and other security measures
    • Transfer of Multifactor Authentication and License Management
    • Installation of Backup Devices and Monitoring Tools

Phase 4: Final Review and Transition 

  • Final Review Meeting: We convene a final meeting to review all setups, configurations, and services implemented, ensuring everything aligns with your expectations. These may include:
    • Designing Operational Support Processes
    • Transition of Support and Review of Prescribed Standards
    • Onboarding and Account Management Transition Meetings (Nitva and Client)
    • Provision of Support Contact Information to the Client
    • Billing Review, Activation, and Closure
    • Completion of Client Satisfaction Survey and Project Closure
  • Transition to Regular Support: Post-review, we smoothly transition you to our Service Desk/NOC team for ongoing support and assistance. 

Continuous Communication and Support 

  • Regular Check-ins: Even after onboarding, we'll keep in touch through regular communications and check-ins, ensuring everything is running smoothly and addressing any new needs. 

Our goal throughout the onboarding process is to make your transition to Ntiva as seamless and beneficial as possible.  If you have questions or concerns during this process, please do not hesitate to contact your assigned Account Manager. 

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