IT Service Descriptions

On-Site Dedicated IT Support

Ntiva offers the ability to provide dedicated technical support. This service offers additional and/or supplemental coverage to our existing remote support services included in our SSP Agreements.

Service Description

Ntiva offers the ability to provide dedicated technical support. This service offers additional and/or supplemental coverage to our existing remote support services included in our SSP Agreements. Having dedicated engineering hours through this service allows us to provide both onsite and/or remote, dedicated technical support and expertise to address unique customer business-technical challenges.


As part of our Dedicated On-Site support hours, Ntiva will select and staff a candidate that matches the skillset required to support the customer’s technical needs.
      • SA – Add Role/Skillset Description at high level – Stress this is more “end user” type support, augmentation of helpdesk
      • SE – Add Role/Skillset Description at high level – Higher level skillset, focused more on high level escalations, small project work, proactive upkeep and maintenance of client environments
    • Ntiva provides onsite availability Monday-Friday during our normal business hours, at any location within our company’s Support Radius
      • Distance and ability to support client onsite locations is at Ntiva’s sole discretion
    • Ntiva can offer support in 8 hour increments, with a minimum requirement of at least 8 hours. We can offer our services up to 40 hours a week, and can also staff multiple resources if additional support is required or for clients with a larger end user base
      • Customer must agree to a minimum of 8 Hours in order to receive dedicated support hours from Ntiva


Ntiva also offers the ability to leverage our Dedicated Support hours in a remote model and fashion
This will be in addition to or help augment existing remote services and is not designed as a replacement of Helpdesk Services.
  • Our Remote Dedicated Support services follow the same guidelines as spelled out above for Onsite services, but will be performed remotely as opposed to onsite at a client office location


  • A Dedicated Support resource will be provided to the client either in a Remote or Onsite fashion based on client need.
  • Minimum of 8 hours of support, up to Full-Time (40 hours) support is available through this service. Multiple resources can also be staffed if needed.
  • Dedicated Support will include the below services –
    • White glove technical support for customer end users and VIP’s
    • Monitoring of Customer support tickets in CW Manage for quicker triage and response, in coordination with our remote operations support teams
    • Proactive review and updates to all client documentation on a routine basis
    • Small project engagements:
      • Simple infrastructure changes
      • 1-to-1 Network Device Replacements
      • Software deployment or roll out
At the discretion of Ntiva, some project engagements may require additional resources outside Dedicated Support resources. These engagements will need to be scoped separately.
  • Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance of Client Infrastructure:
        • Hardware integrity checks
        • Software lifecycle
        • Warranty Reports
At the discretion of Ntiva, some infrastructure upgrades or maintenance may require additional resources and charges outside dedicated support resources.


Task 1 – Onboarding/scheduling

  • Resource Selection
    • Upon signing up for the service, Ntiva will select an available resource that can meet the customer onsite support requirements
    • We will align skillset with the needs of the client and based on the tier of service adopted
  • Scheduling
    • Our Client Service Coordinators will work with our Field Operations Management team to coordinate and schedule dedicated resources
  • Training and Ramp-Up
    • Once a resource is selected, we will introduce them to the client and ensure adequate turnover and knowledge transfer occurs for any relevant info needed to effectively support the client

Task 2 – Service Delivery

This phase includes the routine day-to-day operations of the service. See below for specifics:

  • Onsite support of all customer end users
  • Resolution of priority incidents and escalations
  • Proactive maintenance and checks of client infrastructure
    • Hardware integrity checks
    • Software lifecycle reports
  • Small project initiatives
  • General technical guidance for IT Staff and End Users

Dedicated Support Availability

Our Field Operations team will provide dedicated support during normal business hours, Monday – Friday 7am-7pm in coordination with client’s business hours (in 8 hour increments). Should the need arise for additional coverage outside the client's contracted hours, ad-hoc coverage can be provided on a one time basis.

For coverage required after normal business hours, we do have engineers on-call that are able to dispatch in the event of an emergency. This is not included as part of the Dedicated Support Hours and will be billed at an ad-hoc rate.

Service Assumptions

  1. Client will provide our onsite resources with necessary and supervised access to the building and suite
    1. Ntiva will not provide onsite support unsupervised without prior approval and agreed upon procedures
  2. Time is “use it or lose it” and agreement based, set amount of hours every month. Ntiva will not provide support during our normal Holiday or company-wide days off
  3. Ntiva is subject to change resources as staffing needs, promotions or employee changes occur. We cannot make any guarantees to a specific resource
  4. Employees working as FTE’s will be required to attend to Ntiva mandated training, team meetings and events, One on One meetings with managers and any other company mandated tasks. Customer must allow time for these tasks throughout the week.

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