IT Service Descriptions

Ntiva IT Advisory Services

Ntiva IT Advisory Services are aimed at articulating your organization's problems and needs, offering and assessing solutions, and then suggesting an implementation roadmap.


Organizations face the challenge of managing and complying with increasing regulations in a changing regulatory environment. Meanwhile, they must balance revenue development and cost-cutting priorities and control new and persistent operational hazards. Managing IT risk and compliance has become crucial to mitigate reputational harm, privacy concerns, and legal exposure. To ensure effective management and control, organizations need competent business counsel and the right technology. This document introduces our IT advisory services that can help organizations navigate these challenges and enhance growth and efficiency.

IT advisory services are valuable for firms prioritizing structural transformations. Large companies, midsize businesses, and established startups can all benefit from IT consulting. Our services are tailored to meet each client's specific needs, considering their size, market niche, and strategic objectives.

What Is Included In Ntiva IT Advisory Services?


 Annual IT technology review  with roadmap/budget

Review/update documentation, assess client network/security to Ntiva standards, prioritize the recommendations into a 12 to 36-month roadmap, and provide a high-level budget.

 Mid-Year Review

6-month client check-in to measure IT roadmap progress. This review will be done jointly with your IT Advisor & Account Manager.

Advisory Requests Questions and discussions about our recommendations, the budget, or other technology conversations with clients are included. As Needed.
Cybersecurity Risk Insurance Assistance preparing clients with cybersecurity risk insurance applications. As Needed

How Ntiva IT Advisory Services Work:

1. Assessment:

 We begin by conducting an assessment of your current IT infrastructure and environment.

2. Plan Development:

Based on the assessment, we develop a plan to help you achieve your business goals and         objectives.

3. Implementation and Project Tracking:

We work with you to implement the plan and track your progress.

4. Ongoing Support:

We provide continuous support to ensure your IT transformation is successful.

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