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Ntiva Enhanced Email Security/Spam Filtering

Ntiva’s Email Security Services, offers cutting-edge email security solutions to safeguard your organization's critical communications.

Service Description 

Ntiva’s Email Security Services, offers cutting-edge email security solutions to safeguard your organization's critical communications. Our comprehensive suite of services includes robust email encryption, threat protection, and compliance solutions, all designed to shield your business from phishing attacks, malware, and data breaches. With a user-friendly interface and seamless integration into your existing email infrastructure, Ntiva’s Email Security Services ensures that your confidential information remains confidential while maintaining business continuity.  


In today's digital landscape, email remains a vital communication tool for organizations. However, it's also a prime target for cyber threats, including malware, phishing, and spam. Email Threat Protection is here to safeguard your organization's email communications, providing secure, streamlined, and intelligent email security. 

Real-time Detection: Our advanced system boasts a 99.9% success rate in identifying zero-hour threats. It leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence for rapid threat recognition. 

Comprehensive Protection: Ntiva Email Threat Protection offers multi-layered filtering, guarding against a wide range of email threats including malware, ransomware, phishing, BEC attacks, and spam. 

Multi-Layer Filtering: 

  • Email Addresses (Allow/Block Lists): Control email address exceptions for specific senders. 
  • Domains (Allow/Block Lists): Manage domain-level exceptions and subdomains. 
  • IP Addresses (Allow/Block Lists): Fine-tune IP filtering for added security. 
  • Filenames (Allow/Block Lists): Block file extensions and filenames for virus prevention. 
  • Countries (Geo-Fencing): Block messages originating from specific countries. 
  • Invalid Users: Prevent traffic for invalid users, enhancing message control. 
  • Deep Analysis Re-Filter: Enable a pause for deep analysis when dealing with unknown IPs or newly registered domains. 
  • Text (Allow/Block Lists): Customize word or phrase filtering for bypassing spam detection. 
  • Automated Traffic Analysis: Identify spammers and attackers with advanced traffic analysis. 
  • Machine Learning: Assign probability scores to emails for smarter filtering. 
  • Real-time Threat Analysts: Our expert team continuously updates filters to combat evolving threats. 

Identity & Domain Protection: These filters provide supplemental protection against threat actors attempting to spoof your users and organization using “similar” email addresses and domains 

  • Detect and prevent email address and domain impersonation. 
  • Utilize Hypocorism and Levenshtein Distance methodologies. 
  • Define actions like quarantine or subject tagging for suspicious emails. 
  • Receive notifications on impersonation attempts. 


  • AppRiver Portal creation 
  • Base configuration of Ntiva Email Security Service 
  • Users imported to the system with portal access granted 
  • Welcome Emails sent to client with portal instructions 
  • Clients Domain(s) will receive emails after processed through from Ntiva Email Security Service 

Task 1 – Project Management and Deployment 

  • Onboarding team will deploy Ntiva’s Email Security services via onboarding standards 
  • Creation of AppRiver Zix Portal 
  • Preparing current email system (O365, Exchange On prem or Gmail) for Ntiva’s Email Security services 
  • Import of current users 
  • Modification of Clients email domain(s) MX record(s) to configure mail flow through Ntiva’s Email Security services 

Task 2 – Normal Operations 

This phase includes routine day-to-day operations of Ntiva’s TaaS Service: 

  • Break fix support 
  • Clients can all in for support regarding any break/fix issues on Ntiva’s Email Security Services 
  • Password resets for users with access issues to Portal 
  • Allow/block domain names or individual email address. 
  •  Client Portal Administrator additions or removals 
  • Adding or removing Portal Administrators will be performed via a support ticket 

Service Assumptions 

  • The service provides protection for threats such as malware, phishing, and spam only through email delivery 
  • This does not provide protection on documents or links shared through any other method 
  • Deployment of service does not guarantee that intrusions, compromises, or any other unauthorized activity will not occur. 
  • Emails are scanned and filtered based on various policies and rules. 
  • SPF, DMARC, and DKIM records are checked to prevent email forgery and spoofing. 
  • Malicious links can be replaced with "wrapped" equivalents for added security. 
  • Administrators can customize filtering actions for different types of emails. 
  • Identity protection features safeguard against impersonation. 
  • Filter permissions allow customization of filtering rules. 
  • Detailed logs are available for tracking email activities. 
  • Users can be added in bulk, and welcome emails can be sent to them. 
  • The delivery queue displays messages waiting to be delivered. 
  • Email addresses associated with the domain can be exported to a CSV list. 
  • Quarantined emails can be reviewed and managed by administrators and users. 
  • Statistics and reporting provide insights into email threats and user activity. 
  • Email Security Dashboard summarizes system status and threat levels. 
  • Various statistics are available, including message counts, sizes, and types. 

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