Saying Hello or Goodbye to a Team Member?

It's easy to save time, look good, and avoid priority fees by letting us know — as soon as possible — when you add or remove team members.

PRIVACY NOTE: Our forms and ticketing system are secure. Only the Ntiva Apple Team and the person completing the form are notified when a form is submitted. One exception is when employees have special privileges to see ALL ticket requests across your organization. If this is a concern, call us at 312-602-5345 x1 to confirm. Our Support Desk is experienced in handling sensitive communications.

HELLO [ New Employee ]

Onboarding a new person into your organization requires setup, planning and coordination with IT.  Help new employees feel welcome by having all of their technology resources ready when they arrive!

GOODBYE [ Termination ]

Goodbyes (on good terms or bad) require due diligence to ensure access to company data remains secure. Even with friendly goodbyes it's best to ensure privacy and security don't walk out the door.