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Ntiva’s relationships with our clients are never based on a once-off encounter. After we have delivered the best IT solutions for our clients, we will jump into the maintenance mode immediately. This is because we know that maintenance is the core essence of keeping your business operating at an optimal level. In business, time is money. That’s why it is critical that your IT systems function consistently without experiencing any downtime. With our maintenance services, we can make sure that your IT issues are prevented or solved fast, helping you to maintain work productivity at the highest level.

Here is a look at some of our maintenance services:


Ntiva employs a proactive approach when it comes to maintenance. Our aim is to resolve issues before they impact your working environment. A Help Desk representative is dedicated to your account and can resolve the problem quickly or draw expertise from a pool of IT talent that holds hundreds of certifications for networking, software and hardware support.

Our Help Desk personnel are also available 24x7x365 so you can enjoy IT support anytime, anywhere. We also offer monitoring and management solutions that keep your technology healthy and give you the peace of mind that lets you concentrate on your core business.

Proactive network monitoring also alerts us to unusual trends and issues that affect your network, and potentially your working environment. Catching problems early and monitoring over time can help your network stay in the best operating mode. Our remote monitoring technology also gives you the peace of mind that a set of expert eyes is safeguarding your network all year round.