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Ntiva is highly committed to discover problems and challenges for your business when it comes to the IT infrastructure. When a new client comes to us, we will always conduct an initial meeting to understand your organization and its existing IT infrastructure. Ntiva will also discuss your IT needs, how your organization functions, and your business goals so that we can find the best customized solution that can support your initiatives.

Here’s a list of discovery and analysis tasks we will do:

Once we have made our initial assessment of the current IT infrastructure of your business, we will conduct a meeting to share our findings with you. Ntiva puts a strong emphasis in letting you know which solutions will fit your needs, and which solutions can be added on at your discretion in a clear and concise manner.

Our sales representatives are all highly trained to help you understand difficult IT terminologies and the purposes behind each solution. We will never push services that you don’t need, and make it our core focus to make sure that you can customize your IT packages in a way that best suits your preferences and budget. Our proposed solutions will also be scalable and can offer flexibility to be adapted as your needs evolve in the future.