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Custom Application Development

Whether you own a business that is big or small, you will most likely need custom applications to meet your business needs. In fact, IT teams in different enterprises typically struggle with all the work associated with application demand for a number of reasons.

In the past, building applications were traditionally expensive and time consuming due to the complexity of limited programming platforms as well as the skills required. Also, integrating such applications with other functions in the business posed another set of challenges. Hence, this led to users feeling frustrated and they resort to using manual tools that are inefficient or forced going around Information Technology to procure a complete solution.

The Ntiva Advantage

Ntiva is able to remove the custom application backlog and can deliver your customized business applications within days instead of months. We reduce the overall time needed to validate applications against established security requirements and policies.

Ntiva also understands that certain application solutions may become a burden on the resources of your enterprise. We can help you maintain your applications estate and drive significant cost reductions and improve your overall IT performance as an end result.

What We Offer for Custom Applications

In order to increase your business flexibility and agility, you will need to manage risk compliances, improve your business value and reduce application management costs that are unpredictable. Ntiva offers the following to help you achieve your business goals when it comes to building custom applications:

.NET Technologies

Businesses of any size can take advantage of the Internet for computational power that is distributed. Since 2012, the .NET platform has matured into a versatile and robust development environment for the development of web and windows-based applications. Ntiva can quickly create new applications and meet your development needs with .NET Technologies.

J2EE / Java Development

Ntiva provides skilled software engineers that have deep expertise in Java and J2EE development environments. During these projects, we perform life cycle tests for web based applications as well as maintain it. We mitigate project risks by implementing a plan that delivers our products and services with proven results.

SharePoint Development

Building a SharePoint portal is an intelligent way to centralize access to your enterprise’s applications and information on a particular corporate network. Ntiva can help manage the data inside with efficiency and ease. The SharePoint applications spur employee engagement and have the ability to capture and share tacit knowledge for long-term benefits.

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