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Telecommunication is simply known as the exchange of information between two entities and in the presence of technology. For example, you will need to make calls to your suppliers or your clients. Telecommunication utilizes channels to transmit information via electrical signals, either using signal cables (physical mediums) or electromagnetic waves.

Data services are provided by a viable service provider who enables data access on demand. Your business and its employees can gain access to data regardless of geographic location. Similar to Software as a Service (SaaS), the information of data services are also stored in the cloud so that it can be accessed by a diverse range of mobile devices and systems. In modern times, data services can streamline costs and remove redundancies by housing useful data in a single location.

Simply put, both data and telecommunication services are critical to the success of your business.

The Ntiva Advantage

Ntiva provides valuable support and analysis for all your telecommunication needs to ensure you get the best solution at the best possible price. With strategic partnerships with all leading telecom providers, we transform goals into reality as we keep your organization well connected and communicating in the best way possible.

What We Offer for Telecommunication IT Services

At Ntiva, we understand that some businesses do not have the time to deal with certain service providers that pertain to telecom and data services. Ntiva can handle service providers such as AT&T, Verizon, Cox and Comcast for you, as well as the following:


Ntiva is familiar with all the different types of internet services that available in the market. We can help source high-speed internet services to keep you constantly connected and facilitate fast data transmissions. Ntiva also understands that there are desperate times that call for desperate measures. Let us help you clinch a better deal with your desired ISP and lower your monthly bills.

Phone Systems (VOIP)

Ntiva can help you tailor a VoIP implementation project that is beneficial to your business. We can analyse your VoIP requirements and readiness; evaluate and procure what’s necessary; conduct trainings before rolling out the new system; migrate and deploy the new network infrastructure.


Ntiva is well-versed in a communications protocol called Sessions Initiation Protocol (SIP). It is used for controlling and signaling multimedia communication sessions. This is also commonly used in voice and video calls.


PRI is also known as Primary Rate Interface. Ntiva can handle this telecom interface standard that is used on an Integrated Services Digital Network to facilitate multiple DS0 data and voice transmissions between a user and the network.

Are you tired of the lackluster communication methods still used within your network? Or perhaps are you planning to open a new office and need a full telecommunication setup service? Call us today to find out more about Ntiva’s telecommunication IT services.

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