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IT Auditing & Strategic Planning

IT audit are generally conducted to examine and evaluate a company’s IT infrastructure, operations and policies. These audits determine whether current IT controls are apt enough to ensure data integrity, protect corporate assets or align with your business’s overall goals.

IT audits not only examine physical security controls but also financial and business controls that involve IT systems. From these audits, Ntiva can determine if there are any risks to your business’s information assets and identify possible tactics to mitigate those risks.

The Ntiva Advantage

Ntiva works to maximize the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your IT infrastructure for the long term. Ntiva excels in the area of IT auditing, discovery and analysis as we understand both business types and technology well. We have the ability to give your business a competitive edge in the ever changing business landscape. In addition, we will also equip your business or organization with the right skills to stay relevant in competitive markets that require modern IT technologies.

What We Offer for IT Auditing, Discovery & Analysis

Ntiva provides IT auditing services that are backed by thorough analysis of your business needs. We work to improve your business’s overall productivity, manage risks and comply with modern IT standards. Here’s a look at what we can do:

Strategic Planning

Ntiva’s expertise in strategizing and planning for business networks enables you to connect your enterprise to a fully optimized and flexible network. Our services include business case developments, high-level strategies, quality solution blueprints and designs as well as interoperability strategies. We work closely with our valued clients to examine network risks and opportunities, and share best practices in the process to add more value to your business.

Technical Business Analysis

Having in-depth knowledge in both IT and business needs, Ntiva provides experience business analysts to work closely with your company to improve existing IT processes. Simply assign one of your employees from the IT department to be the direct liaison for our technical analyst. From there, we will be responsible for the documentation of requirements as defined by your business.

Robust Reporting

Ntiva provides clearly written reports and these reports can allow you to make smart, confident decisions in the maintenance of your IT processes and technologies. Robust reporting and tracking helps you understand better what your business and customers really need. Ntiva’s reports also include great tools to gain valuable insights on your IT system’s performance.

Allow Ntiva to translate the intricacies of IT processes into layman terms for you. Contact us today for more information on our IT auditing, discovery & analysis services.

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