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Today, many businesses are taking advantage of the efficiency and cost savings that telecommunications, networks and computers provide. Every day new technologies are invented for you to invest in, but you can only depend on one that provides reliable security.

As a business owner, you need to stay vigilant against cyberthreats and attacks. Threat is constantly evolving, and they can come in the form of hardware failure, hackers, SPAM, spyware, viruses and more. Hence, you should be aware of the vulnerabilities of the technology you should tackle to keep it secure.

The Ntiva Advantage

At Ntiva, we allow you to take control of your cyber security by taking advantage of cutting edge techniques, knowledge and data to prioritize your investments and decisions in cyber security. Ntiva also provides personnel that act like your watchdogs for your system. It is our duty to keep abreast of today’s evolving threats and utilize our expertise to protect your business’s online resources.

Ntiva’s security assessments and monitoring efforts identify issues early before it impacts your company. We provide off-site backups and secure hosting that let you run your day-to-day operations with peace of mind. Should your in-house resources fail for certain reasons, Ntiva provides quick and easy solutions for you to recover lost data.

What We Offer for IT & Cyber Security Services

Ntiva looks at the bigger picture and designs comprehensive solutions that secure your internal infrastructure as well as other interfaces that connect with the outside world. Here is a look at our main solution for IT & cyber security concerns:


Ntiva is an exclusive distributor of CyberRx, which is a Risk Intelligence (RI) system that’s developed by e-Management. Established in 1999, e-Management is a renowned leader and innovator in the IT industry that provides cyber security risk intelligence solutions to drive business performances.

CyberRx is compliant with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework such as NIST 800-30, NIST 800-53 Rev4 and other industry standards. It enables faster response to compliance reviews, audits and other cybersecurity assessments. With CyberRx, you can measure the level of readiness and be better informed about your company’s cybersecurity capabilities. With this information, you gain greater control and confidence to prevent cybersecurity attacks.

You can get CyberRx via annual subscription plans, monthly or a one-time payment. There are also other add-on services that you can request such as technical implementation, training and consulting. CyberRx is designed with affordability and flexibility in mind, and it can cater to the unique business requirements of each client.

For more information about CyberRx and how it can help your business, call Ntiva today and get your business protected to the max!

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