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Ecycling Services

The reliance on electronic products has grown significantly over the years. It has changed the way and how fast we communicate or acquire the information we need on a daily basis. E-Cycling simply means recycling electronic products to prevent valuable materials from entering the waste stream. Businesses and consumers alike have numerous options to donate or recycle their used electronics. There are electronics retailers who are willing to take back used computers and other technologies, are even sponsoring recycling events.

The Ntiva Advantage

Ntiva implements sound recycling practices that are also environmentally friendly. Our ongoing efforts help ensure that our clients receive the highest possible level of service through our Client E-Cycling Program. This program offers you a viable way to rid of any unwanted office equipment responsibly and with ease. You may also get the opportunity to enjoy an added return on your investment!

What We Offer for E-Cycling

We find ways to rid of your old electronics from your office. We understand that office space is expensive and it should not be wasted by storing old equipment. Hence, we offer the following service components:

Donating and Recycling

Ntiva acknowledges that electronic products and equipment alike are manufactured from precious materials and resources that include glass, plastics and metals. Hence, we extend our expertise in the field of recycling and donating electronics.

By doing so, we can conserve our natural resources and avoid water or air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. Ntiva seeks out retailers and manufacturers who offer options to recycle or donate electronics at your convenience.


Did you know that you can still gain a certain amount of cash back from electronics even if they are obsolete or retired? Ntiva can arrange for the resale of your used electronics as well as IT hardware. You can enjoy fast cash settlements and experience a peace of mind as we ensure that sensitive digital data is completely destroyed before the hardware is sold.

Secured Data Wiping

Ntiva provides data wiping services to erase all electronic data in the most secured ways. We provide complete protection against loss and fraud of company data that are sensitive. We place great emphasis on data protection in all IT hardware such as hard drives. Whether this equipment will be slated for IT recycling, resale or disposal, Ntiva ensures that sensitive data do not fall in the wrong hands.

Ntiva utilizes leading software that specializes in data cleaning. We adhere to the highest international standards during the data destruction process, ensuring your business, brand, employee information and customer data are protected at all times.

Talk to us today to find out more on how Ntiva can help with your IT lifecycle management and let us do our part to save the planet in the process!

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