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Your business depends on technology to operate efficiently and compete effectively, and as a result, your IT needs will grow with your business. As your reliance on IT grows, so does your reliance upon qualified IT personnel to properly manage and maintain your infrastructure. Not having a properly qualified and adequately staffed IT team will hamper the productivity of your business and have a negative impact on all operations.

However, have you ever stopped to consider if having or increasing your in-house IT staff headcount is the best decision for your business? As you search for new staff members, have you ever wondered how you will know if a candidate is actually qualified? Or have you wondered what you will do when your staff is out sick or takes a vacation? The answer is clear – Ntiva can help you manage all your IT needs in a cost-effective way, allowing you to focus on your core business.

The Ntiva Advantage

Whether you need just one IT “guy” or a team of IT personnel, Ntiva is able to help manage your IT environment with our team of qualified, trained, and certified staff. From a Chief Information Officer (CIO) to a Systems Engineer to an IT technical assistant, Ntiva offers the best solutions for outsourced IT personnel. Ntiva can tackle any type of project, whether it is just temporary engagement or a permanent placement. What’s more, Ntiva will provide the Human Resources functions so your business does not have to manage time off, employee benefits, and other overheads that are generally associated with staffing.

What We Offer for Outsourced Personnel Management

We have two basic ways in which you can tap into our skilled talent pool: with a service agreement or on an ad-hoc basis. Here are the main differences:

Service Agreement

At the most basic level, an Ntiva Service Agreement (SA) is for ongoing, long-term engagements. Each SA is custom tailored to meet your needs while providing a regular monthly cost to fit your IT budget. Every SA comes with a dedicated Account Manager to be your single point of contact and a combination of services which can include regularly scheduled on-site support or as needed on-site support. In addition, you will enjoy access to monitoring and maintenance packages, discounted project pricing, and hardware discounts through our procurement team.


Ad-Hoc agreements provide access to Ntiva’s talent pool with minimal commitment. With an Ad-Hoc agreement, you have the option of pre-purchasing a block of hours to use as and when you need or to engage our staff on a strictly Time and Materials basis.  Pricing for this option will fluctuate based upon your usage of our services and can be converted into a Service Agreement at any time.

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