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Outbound Email Filtering

To prevent putting your company’s reputation at risk or face unnecessary lawsuits due to a leakage of offensive emails or company data, your employees and you should be proactive in the maintenance of a clean corporate network. Otherwise, it would be both time-consuming and expensive if someone were to take legal action against you.

Sometimes users in your network may unknowingly send out an email that may contain malicious content. Outbound mails should be checked for spam, and as mentioned, you may get blocked by other email administrators, damage your brand name or even use up all your bandwidth and impede other internal online communication if your emails are not properly filtered.

The Ntiva Advantage

Before any of your internal email exits your enterprise’s network, Ntiva’s perimeter-based outbound filtering solutions will clean it to mitigate risks associated with improper routing, misuse of company resources and messages that are incompliant.

Our outbound email filtering solutions effectively reduces overall processing load on your email servers and improves it deliverability as well. Your company will less likely violate any regulations or be subjected to penalties as a result.

What We Offer for Outbound Email Filtering

Here are some of Ntiva’s effective tools and solutions that can ensure your outbound emails are adequately filtered:

Attachment Filters

Ntiva’s filters will block outgoing emails that contain large-sized attachments as well as malevolent files that may contain worms or viruses. Oftentimes, such attachments take up a significant amount of your company bandwidth and your email servers when you attempt to send them out.

Content Filters

Many business owners are not aware or can’t always monitor all the emails that their employees send on a daily basis, but Ntiva protects business owners like you against the prospect of inappropriate and sensitive data being sent to an entity outside the company such as your vendor or strategic business partners.

For starters, Ntiva can block specific phrases and words from ever leaving your email system. You can also opt for certain emails to be quarantined first before deciding to delete or continue to forward it.

Disclaimer and Signature Placement

You can add an extra layer of protection and guard your company against legal action by inserting a disclaimer in your company emails. Without a proper disclaimer, your company might be exposed to potential liability problems as well as a breach of contract.

Additionally, emails containing great signatures help convey a sense of professionalism and reliability to your recipients. Ntiva can also create corporate signatures to relay vital contact details such as your corporate address, tagline and website.

To get started with our outbound email filtering services, simply give Ntiva a call at 888.996.8482 today!

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