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Email Security Services

For a lot of businesses, they communicate with their clients and other stakeholders by email. While email services are vital for any business, it also exposes the business to different threats that are present in the Internet, from viruses, hacking to other forms of spam that waste time and resources.

As emails are now forming the backbone of most enterprises’ daily activities, it is pertinent to keep it secure for continual use without problems in the long run. For a company’s email system to stay secure and effective, companies must undertake a proactive approach and make wise investments in comprehensive email security solutions.

The Ntiva Advantage

Ntiva’s email security services are one of the most cost-effective and comprehensive ways to protect your business’s email systems against today’s threats. We have email protection services that are fully-managed and can eliminate up to 99% of your users’ spam.

We offer a powerful and flexible service that enables you to manage your email communications with the same level of protection and control as big companies that reside in the Fortune 500. No special software or hardware is required for our services, which means our NESS system can typically be implemented and completed within an hour.

What We Offer for Email Security

In order to ensure that there is not more junk mail in your inbox, Ntiva offers the following under the NESS group of services:

Disaster Recovery

There are certain circumstances that prevent the client-side server from accepting your email. This could be caused by power outages, Internet connection failures, internal routing problems, natural disasters, as well as hardware or software failures on the mail server. Ntiva and its NESS provide a delivery manager that will encrypt and queue all outgoing emails until the client server comes back online again.

Daily Held Spam Reports

These spam reports are considered to one of our NESS’s popular features. Some of the most effective email security solutions can stop a valid message, but users who utilize our NESS solutions can release the message by referring to their daily Held Spam Report. This report is detailed and provides the end user with 100% visibility of all mail that has been marked as junk or spam. Ntiva also provides users with web access to the quarantined email.

Inbound and Outbound Email Protection

Ntiva updates the NESS filters up to 4000 times a day to ensure optimal protection against the newest Spammer tricks and tactics. You can count on our email protection solutions to eliminate potential threats from all your inbound and outbound emails.

To find out how you can enjoy a free 30-day trial of our email protection service, call Ntiva today!

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