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Email marketing is a form of marketing where you market a particular message, which is often commercial, to a certain demographic using email. Basically, every email sent to your current client or potential customer falls under the email marketing category.

With email marketing, you can enhance the current relationship with your merchants, current and past clients, encouraging repeat business and foster customer loyalty. Oftentimes, advertisements are also added to emails before sending to clients.

The Ntiva Advantage

Ntiva’s email marketing services are trusted by Fortune 500 Companies, small businesses and more than 372,498 users and counting! Our services allow you to track clicks, opens, sends and many more. Ntiva also provides all our clients quality graphs and charts that are updated in real time, meaning you can easily track the email blasts’ performances at a glance.

To help bring your email marketing campaigns closer to success, Ntiva offers iContact, which is an all-inclusive product that consists of sophisticated features such auto-responders, surveys and RSS feeds. iContact has agreements with many major Internet Service Providers that are whitelist. Hence, clients can enjoy industry-leading deliverability.

What We Offer for Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to deliver your business’s message and helps keep it humming. Find out what Ntiva has to offer for our email marketing services:

Survey Emails

This is an effective way for businesses to learn more about their clients’ wants and needs in detail. Such surveys do not take up much time of your clients and they will be more than happy to furnish you with valuable information that you may need to improve your business processes.

Lead-Nurturing Emails

When you have a prospective client in mind, these emails allow your business to stay at the top of your client’s list of considerations. These emails will also be sent on a regular basis until this potential prospect becomes a real paying customer.

Promotional Campaign Emails

These emails are useful tools to help keep your clients well-informed of an upcoming sales date. You can choose to send such emails to your clients in advance, perhaps several days leading up to the sale and also on the day itself as a last-minute reminder.


These letters are one of the fastest ways to inform your clients on the latest happenings and news of your company. You can send newsletters once every week or month.

To find out how you can use our email marketing services, call Ntiva today!

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