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Do you know that you can ensure that the contents of your emails are only read by the intended recipients by encrypting your emails? Even as emails are prone to disclosure of sensitive or private information, most emails are still not encrypted. If you own a business providing journalism services, you may want to encrypt your emails to protect your company’s privacy and its unreleased content.

The Ntiva Advantage

With CipherPost, Ntiva ensures that your email system remains as a trusted communications tool. Ntiva’s CipherPost is easy to implement and can be integrated with various applications and platforms. You can add authorized recipients on the go and utilize message-tracking options.

Simply put, you could benefit from email encryption services such as CipherPost, especially if your organization constantly handles sensitive data. As long as you are willing to go for that trade-off between controlling your own encryption key and data and ease of use, Ntiva’s CipherPost is for you.

What We Offer for Email Encryption

Ntiva’s CipherPost are geared towards the protection of your company’s data and help maintain regulatory compliance, allowing your business processes to operate with utmost efficiency. Here are some more features that we offer:

CipherPost Pro Offi ce 365 Plugin

Ntiva offers our clients leading Microsoft Office 365 plugins to enhance your cloud-based email security services. The plugin contain powerful features that make it easy, reliable and secure.

CipherPost Pro Google Chrome Extension

This chrome extension provides you encryption capabilities, the power to transfer large files and enjoy real-time tracking within your client’s favorite Webmail client like Yahoo Mail, Gmail or Outlook Web App. This extension can be installed in 20 seconds and you can allow your clients to read and reply to messages that secure without the need to rely on a separate browser. In other words, all content are kept private from email hosting providers.

CipherPost Pro Outlook Toolbar

With this toolbar, you can integrate CipherPost seamlessly to your Outlook client. CipherPost is exceptionally useful in Outlook as it allows you to configure email encryptions using your current email address, aliases and server infrastructure.

CipherPost Pro Windows Desktop Agent

CipherPost’s desktop agent allows you encrypt your emails from multiple platforms. You can send messages that are confidential without worries, knowing that your email is fully protected from sender to receive at all points along the way.

Today, emails can compromise your business before they reach their intended recipient. With CipherPost, you can avoid potential threats along the way as your emails are encrypted. Call Ntiva today to find out how you can get started!

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