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Today, most business processes are completed via emails, and the idea of email downtime has become something that has to be avoided at all costs. As the nature of emails are mission-critical, any amounts of downtime can result in dire consequences such as missing deadlines, unprocessed orders and cease of communications with clients or vendors. Email downtimes not only affect a business’s daily operations but the productivity of a workforce as well.

What causes email downtime? Basically, these causes are separated into two categories – planned or unplanned. Under planned email outages, the causes include testing your email systems after a disaster, system maintenance, email system reset, an office move or the migration of your current email platform. Under email outages that are unplanned, the causes include failure to hardware servers, corrupted databases as well as connectivity losses.

The Ntiva Advantage

There a lot of things that can cause your servers to undergo an temporary, but destructive outage. This can be caused by things such as routine maintenance, service disruptions and natural disasters. Ntiva’s email continuity services are always up and running and they are also easy to use and affordable for most types of businesses. Furthermore, our email continuity services can protect your company from expensive email outages.

Ntiva also ensures that there are no messages that will get bounced, and no special software or hardware is required during Ntiva’s email continuity services.

What We Offer for Email Continuity

Ntiva offers the following email continuity services to allow you to continue doing your business even when a normal server has temporarily failed:

Outage Protection

Ntiva understands the emails are the main engine that spurs productivity and our services give all our clients a peace of mind as well as continuous email use, access and storage.

Undisturbed Email Access

Ntiva provides access to your emails as usual even during an outage. You can utilize our web-based Ntiva web portal, desktop and mobile apps. Simply put, you will still be able to access your emails in real-time while your core email infrastructure has gone offline.

Email Continuity Management

You and your IT administrators will be able to receive complete control of outages and failover events through the Ntiva administration console.

If you have zero tolerance for email downtime, you should consider Ntiva’s email continuity services. Call us today to learn more on how to keep your email system up and running for you and your colleagues today!

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