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Email Archiving and Compliance

Email archiving and compliance tools are essential when business owners want to maintain or increase productivity. Contacts will be made, projects will be collaborated on, deals are settled and news is shared all by email. Emails have become a quick and reliable way that works on an international platform, drives businesses and supports our lifestyles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As each user’s mailbox potentially contains data that can be sensitive, efficient and effective email archival and management solutions have never been more important. One of the biggest challenges of improving personal productivity is the management of your email.

The Ntiva Advantage

Ntiva provides great functionality and user experience across a wide array of IT architecture. This is why we can implement leading email archiving and compliance solutions to provide secure, long-term storage and off-site message archiving that comes with online access. Ntiva captures authentic copies of all incoming and outgoing messages, replicate and unify them to facilitate rapid web-based search, retrieval and monitoring.

Depending on the needs of your business, Ntiva can provide you with eDiscovery or Compliance options. Our archiving services also adhere to compliance, audit and litigation rules.

What We Offer for Email Archiving and Compliance

Ntiva can incorporate the following as part of our email archiving and compliance solutions:


Ntiva implements supervisory systems that enforce and monitor email policies for appropriate email usage, privacy and corporate governance. You can review emails through random sampling as well as keyword scanning.


Ntiva captures emails and keep them as an indelible copy on our servers. This speeds up the retrieval process if you accidentally delete the original email. You can also archive any IM records and attachments as well.

Access for End Users

Ntiva provides end users with self-service access to past or archived emails. This reduces any administrative burden on your IT infrastructure and allows productivity to soar in the long run.

Email and File Analytics

Ntiva helps your business eliminate manual processes that can be time-consuming with reports and analytic views over the cloud and on-site. You will receive detailed prediction and reports, and be able to anticipate your needs for compliance and storage space much more efficiently.

Are your current IT solutions robust enough to handle the daily and changing demands of your business? To check whether you are fully compliant with today’s email archiving standards, you can call Ntiva for a professional assessment of your current infrastructure.

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