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In the past, having an online infrastructure that allowed you to collaborate with your team from anywhere was considered as a competitive advantage. However, such as an infrastructure is a business necessity today. Google has begun to provide businesses with a set of web applications called Google Apps. These web applications offer business owners an online alternative to traditional office software and suites. Thus, you can also look at Google Apps an online office suite, which can be utilized while on-the-go as well.

One of the main advantages of using Google Apps is that your documents are always available as they are in the cloud, and they are always ready to be views or edited. Oftentimes, you do not need to install any additional software on your PC or Mac. Simply put, all you need is an internet connection and a web browser to get things started.

The Ntiva Advantage

At Ntiva, our team will help you with the selection, deployment, and ongoing management of the solutions your business needs. We also provide Microsoft Office 365 packages that include OneDrive, Lync, Office, Exchange and SharePoint. Along with our email security services, your email systems are well-protected with state-of-the-art encryption services and hosted spam filtering.

Ntiva also provides email continuity services that allow you to retain and retrieve important emails in the event of a disaster. We can also address your needs whether they are slated for compliance or general archiving purposes.

What We Offer for Google Apps

Ntiva provides coverage and management services to the following applications associated with Google Apps:

Google Calendar

This is a calendar web application that allows you to view, create and manage your business’s calendar events. The calendar application supports a decent array of view modes, which includes daily, weekly, monthly as well as agenda views. This application also allows you to export your Outlook calendar files in .csv format and integrate it with Google Calendar.

Google Docs

Google docs include applications such as online spreadsheets, word processors and presentation sheets. You can utilize these apps to collaborate with your colleagues and business partners in real-time. This service allows you create new forms, spreadsheets, presentations and documents directly from the web interface.

The graphical user interface is designed with simplistic means, thus you will get used to the working environment in a matter of minutes. You can import an external file into Google Docs and start editing immediately.

Google Hangouts

This cool app enables you to have better group conversations than before. You can turn any Hangout session into a live video call with up to ten friends at a time. You can do so by searching for a contact and starting a voice call straight from your computer. Not only does Google Hangouts work on your computer, it also works flawlessly with any Apple and Android device. Hence, you are able to connect with everyone, making sure no one gets left out in the process.

If you want to ensure that your colleagues, business partners and even clients can collaborate anywhere, you should contact Ntiva to find out more about our Google Apps services.

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