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Utilizing the cloud for file sharing purposes is quickly becoming popular in the business world. Whether you are aware of it or not, you have been using cloud file sharing service to collaborate with colleagues while working with data stored on mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Cloud file sharing capabilities enable us to share information from anywhere with ease. It is pertinent for every business to develop a sound strategy around such services to keep all their users productive and happy.

Today, cloud-based file sharing has gone from an idea of the future to a vital business tool for operating in economies on a global scale. File sharing over the cloud should be easy to use and as efficient and quick as File Transfer Protocol, with minimal to none set-up time.

The Ntiva Advantage

Ntiva offers secure, cloud-based file sharing solutions that are geared to adhere to top enterprise governance standards as well as the provision of lifetime content control. We aim to provide versatility for your collaborative efforts.

Ntiva helps companies that are hesitant to try out cloud-based file sharing services due to concerns with archiving and cloud backup. Our solutions are the perfect test medium for your move into the cloud.

What We Offer for File Sharing

Ntiva aims to transform the way you collaborate, manage and share information that is critical to your company’s success. Ntiva offers solutions that are easy to use and does not compromise on security. Here is what we offer for file sharing solutions:

Secured Sharing

Ntiva allows you to easily and quickly work securely with anyone in and outside your company. No matter what device is being used, you can connect with coworkers, comment, and view and share any kind of document regardless of its size.

IT and Admin Controls

You can get your own cloud-based file sharing service up and running in a matter of minutes and get it deployed within days. You do not need any special software to update or hardware to maintain. Ntiva extends and integrates with your existing content management systems.

Secured Management and Collaboration

You can set your files to go live in a secure, common place online, so your IT team and other users always have access to updated files. By managing projects in a common place, you can manage deadlines more effectively and stay organized whilst arranging project plans, budgets and even presentations. You can also set permissions to protect your files by limiting and controlling who is able to view or edit. You are also provided with access stats to know how often and when your files have been viewed.

If you are contemplating whether to add cloud-based file sharing capabilities to your business, call Ntiva today for more information.

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