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Data Center Colocation

Have you walked past your server room and pondered, why does this equipment have to be here? Or, what would happen to the servers in times of crisis? You have to first understand what a collocation centre is. This is a unique type of data centre that houses bandwidth, space and equipment, which is available for rental to potential clients like you.

These facilities are made to provide the physical security, cooling, power, and space for your servers as well as storing viable networking equipment of other organizations. The stored equipment will then be connected to an array of other network service and telecommunications providers at an affordable rate.

Datacenter colocation has indeed become a preferred choice for firms that have midsize IT needs, especially those in the Internet industry. These centers allow companies to divert the attention of their IT staff to the actual work that needs to be done, instead of being too cooped up in logistical support needs that may underlie daily work.

The Ntiva Advantage

Ntiva believes in making our services affordable to our clients. Organizations should be able to receive the needed IT support at the best possible rates. With our colocation services, we help you safeguard data that is critical to your company by adhering to the highest levels of operational reliability and security. Ntiva data centers provide access to ecosystems where vital and major networks and business partners are interconnected to each other.

Ntiva’s colocation services are also scalable and flexible, meaning that you are free to move without being tied down to internal LAN space or HVAC modifications. Ntiva wants you to know that colocation is a great way to build a virtualized or hybrid environment that often increases your ability to scale.

What We Offer for DataCenter Colocation

Ntiva’s intricate networks of premium data centers help establish our one-of-a-kind colocation services. The following are what we can provide to our clients:

Circuit Testing

Ntiva provides engineers that are well-trained to assist you in the end-to-end testing of DS3, T1, and third-party and fiber carrier circuits. We can work closely with your technical staff, or at your request, with carrier personnel to resolve any circuit problems that come your way.

Remote Management

Through our fine customer-oriented portal, Ntiva provides remote management of your colocation environment. You can enjoy increased flexibility and control that can reduce expensive or unnecessary visits to a data center. This is made possible with our services that allow you monitor ongoing events in the cloud.

Private Cages and Cabinets

Ntiva can configure a cage or cabinet to your unique requirements and place them in secured storage environment to house your data and equipment. You will receive the required airflow to facilitate cooling and optimal function of your equipment. If required, you can also opt for ladder rackings or power trays to fulfill your circuit requests as well.

If you are interested in colocation and wish to move your infrastructure to improve the overall security, flexibility and connectivity of your company, call us today to find out more on Ntiva’s SSAE 16 certified tier III datacenter!

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