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Cloud computing provides great benefits to many businesses of any size. For small to mid-sized businesses, cloud security allows IT teams to operate with increased efficiency, especially under time constraints. Bigger companies can scale up or down to facilitate prompt responses to fluctuating market conditions. Simply put, all businesses can leverage on the cloud to increase collaborative efforts as well as inspire innovation.

However, companies and enterprises alike that wants to leverage the advantages of the cloud must do so with cloud security measures in play. Cloud security solutions allow businesses to implement their own security and access policies into the cloud by securing data traffic that moves between the company and the cloud.

The Ntiva Advantage

Ntiva mitigates cloud risks by providing state-of-the-art cloud security solutions. We aim to close any existing gaps in cloud security and constantly prep ourselves to combat potential or emerging vulnerabilities with our skills and services.

We incorporate modern security controls to maintain privacy, data security and compliance with required regulations. We also provide a business continuity and data backup plan in the case of an emergency.

What We Offer for Cloud Security

As cloud systems get smarter and faster each day, and the community of users grows bigger, you have to have a security system that is designed to scale and protect your enterprise. Below are some of the main features that Ntiva provides for cloud security.


ActiveWatch fills the gap when traditional security products, which promise effective security, become shelf-ware and fails to deliver. ActiveWatch enables proactive management and also security expertise that leverages on complex technology. With this, you can protect your web applications even as new threats appear. You can also detect security or compliance issues early from log data.


As part of a good security practice, it is pertinent that you scan your cloud systems for possible vulnerabilities. It is also a requirement for compliance to the PCI DSS standards. Ntiva provides managed scanning that is easy to use and implement and you can pinpoint and correct vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

Firewall for Web Applications

Ntiva aims to address the potential risks associated with web application attacks that may lead to a breach of sensitive data or a compromised enterprise system. We can also prevent firewall systems from making the mistake of blocking legitimate traffic and affect the performance of a particular web application.

To take advantage of Ntiva’s proven technology that helps you get the most out of cloud security, call us today to find out how your enterprise can benefit.

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