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Cloud computing simply refers to the storage as well as the process of accessing programs and data over the Internet, and not just on your computer’s hard drive. Cloud is a term as well as a metaphor for the Internet. You should not confuse cloud computing with local storage. Local storage means storing and running applications and programs from your computer’s hard drive, and this is usually an offline process.

Cloud computing does not always refer to you having your own dedicated NAS (Network Attached Storage), although it lets you access things remotely over the Internet. For something to be considered as cloud computing, the data from your programs are set to synchronize with specific information over the Web.

The Ntiva Advantage

Ntiva is among the best at providing custom solutions for cloud computing services. We carefully design all our solutions to be relevant and specific for your business requirements. Thanks to the availability of a shared environment, we are able to provide your organization with substantial cost savings through increased operational efficiencies and economies of scale,

Ntiva allows you to scale your services easily and quickly to increase your company’s overall responsiveness. Ntiva is an organization that is reliable and has relevant expertise on our services delivered and you can transfer technology responsibilities to us without worries.

What We Offer for Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can involve spam filtering, storage services and cloud-based apps. Although these are helpful, IT experts are still in the process of figuring out the full-scale of what cloud-computing has to offer. Here are some important components that cloud computing offers and they include:

Application Programming Interfaces

API allows developers from your organization to take advantage of full functionality over the Internet, as opposed to just delivering applications. However, these web services in the cloud vary. Ntiva can provide more discrete business services as well as a full range of APIs that include conventional credit card processing services.

Utility Computing

Ntiva identifies that utility computing has been around the IT industry for some time, and it offers virtual servers and storage that can be accessed on demand. Early versions of this cloud computing were used for non-critical applications, but soon they were used regularly to replace portions of one’s data center.


Ntiva can deliver a single app through your browser to thousands of your clients with the use of a multitenancy. A multitenancy is a type of software architecture where single instances of software run on a server that serves more than one client organizations. With this type of cloud computing, an upfront investment in new software licenses and servers are required.

You can get your own customized Cloud Readiness Assessment just by calling us at 1-888-996-8482. Our representatives from Ntiva will respond as soon as they can.

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