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Case Study: Government Contractor

Learn how Ntiva helped this contractor overhaul their entire IT infrastructure, and offer much-needed assistance to their existing in-house IT staff.

The Client:

A government contractor who provides science and technology consulting services to the Federal government. Their expertise spans many fields relevant to specialized operations in defense, shipping, and other government-funded or government-owned sectors.

The Challenge:

The firm first contacted Ntiva for a complete audit of their existing IT department and operations. Although they had a small internal IT department, they would often get overwhelmed with supporting the day-to-day requests of their end users.

It’s also always a challenge for small IT departments to maintain expertise across increasingly complex technologies, and to find the extra time needed to tackle specialty projects.

The Solution:

Ntiva began by performing a detailed assessment of their entire IT infrastructure. A strategy was devised to simplify their core network, including streamlining their existing data center.

A large clean-up project in the data center was implemented, including server consolidation and virtualization which reduced un-needed hardware, eliminated redundancies and lowered overall TCO (Total Cost of Ownership.)

Along with implementing additional security measures, a data backup and disaster recovery plan was proposed to ensure regulatory compliance with government standards.

Finally, comprehensive training was delivered to their existing IT staff members, along with detailed documentation of all physical and virtual elements.

The Impact:

Updating the outdated software and hardware and making the entire network consistent made a big difference to employee productivity, not to mention ease of management for the IT staff.

Restructuring the data center and moving to a cloud-based model reduced costs and simplified support as well.

Of prime importance, however, was the move to the data backup and disaster recovery solution, now considered an integral part of every business’ cybersecurity strategy.

The firm is now in a solid place to manage their IT operations with confidence, and they continue to use Ntiva as consultants for major IT decisions and projects to supplement their existing staff.   

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