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Case Study: Event Management Company

Learn how Ntiva enabled this multi-location agency to provide reliable access for all employees to consistent business data with a hosted remote desktop solution.

The Client:

Washington DC-based event management agency with 80 employees nationwide who design and manage events of all sizes.

The Challenge:

For this organization, everything hinges on good connectivity and communication. When this client contacted Ntiva, remote employees could not always access important data when it was needed.

Everyone was experiencing lots of system downtime and inconsistent performance from their hardware. Ntiva quickly deduced that the company’s outdated infrastructure was weighing them down.

The Solution:

Ntiva met with the existing IT department to get a fuller picture of their specific needs and challenges. It was agreed that as a first step, implementing a remote desktop solution across the company would solve many issues.

This meant all employees received immediate access to the most recent data alongside updated software applications regardless of their device. A single, centralized location made it easier to secure and update software, and offered each employee the same experience nationwide.

Ntiva also created an ongoing support plan to guarantee this new infrastructure was well-maintained. Proactive maintenance and monitoring from Ntiva helped to reduce the burden on the IT staff, and ensured their entire IT infrastructure was continually updated and protected.

The Impact

By installing the remote desktop hosting solution, Ntiva improved the performance and reliability of existing equipment for employees, helping to avoid a heavy capex hit.


Moreover, recurring management and monitoring services keep the client's network in tip top shape, and full access to Ntiva’s vCIO services ensure they receive the strategic technology guidance they need for ongoing business success.

We always enjoy seeing our clients benefit from immediate improvements, but it’s even more rewarding to help them apply technology as a tool for growth over time. Reach out to us if you would like to discuss your specific challenges!

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