Non Profit association cuts annual it budget in half

icon-1.png   The Challenge

Due to lack of in-house IT expertise and time pressures, this nonprofit association had been maintaining outdated and expensive IT infrastructure for many years.

It was not until a new CFO was brought in and looked at what the organization was spending on their IT (way too much!) that they brought in Ntiva to perform an evaluation of the situation.

icon-2.png   The Solution

The existing infrastructure was overly complex for the job that needed to be done, likely because at the time it was built there was not much else available. The system had been working fine for years, and the internal IT team had a standing budget to maintain it.

There were layers of hardware and software in place that had been built up over the years including multiple third party applications from different vendors, all with expensive maintenance and support contracts in place.

The older technology was also very difficult and frustrating for employees to use, resulting in the employees dreaming up their own ‘workarounds’ which was not ideal from a security viewpoint.

Ntiva recommended a strategy for peeling back the excess that had been built up, and replacing it with newer and simpler technology, leveraging cloud services and more cost-effective software for their data storage and access.

This did mean that less IT staff was required to maintain the association's infrastructure, however these resources were picked up by a sister organization who was on the hunt for scarce IT talent.


Every day we see businesses of all types maintaining outdated systems, as well as paying for resources they simply aren’t using. We recommend that at least every few years an IT budget and spending analysis be performed, to evaluate the efficiency of existing systems.

As technology changes so fast, there are often many improvements that can be made with respect to enhanced accessibility, performance, security, redundancy and manageability, and in many cases at a lower cost.

It pays to have a strategic IT consultant come in and take a look!

icon-4.png   THE IMPACT

In the case of this nonprofit association, their annual IT budget was cut from $1.2 million to $450k by drastically reducing spend on hardware, software and headcount.

The organization decided to take advantage of managed IT services from Ntiva on an ongoing basis, benefiting from the economies of scale an IT service provider can offer when it comes to daily maintenance - along with the peace of mind that comes with managed services!


 nonprofit association cuts annual it budget in half

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