law firm moves to cloud for security and compliance reasons

icon-1.png   The Challenge

A Washington, D.C. based legal firm with about 150 distributed employees, had various staff members with limited IT experience trying to manage their entire business technology landscape.

As the firm continued to expand, they were concerned that their existing IT infrastructure wouldn’t support their new business plans, and more importantly, weren't sure they were meeting the strict industry regulations surrounding data management.

They turned to Ntiva for IT consulting assistance, as they simply didn't the in-house IT expertise that was needed to make the right strategic IT decisions.

It didn't take long to discover that most of their computers and servers were out of date, which was posing a very serious security threat. They were also running out of digital storage, and as feared, they were not compliant on industry regulations surrounding document storage and retrieval.

Help was needed to steer this firm on the right course!

icon-2.png   The Solution

For starters, Ntiva immediately stepped in to provide onsite IT support for the lone staff member who was trying to handle desktop support needs, and was drowning in requests.

Many employees had gone rogue and were using whatever applications they happened to favor, which was a nightmare to support.

The next step was to migrate the entire office to Microsoft Office 365, to ensure all employees were using the exact same business software.

Employee training was scheduled, and Ntiva’s help desk was there 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns that employees had as they moved to the new productivity software.

Outdated network infrastructure that was hindering performance was replaced, and a new network design was proposed.

This included the move to a new cloud-based document and retrieval solution, a critical step in complying with industry regulations.

The firm was relieved to find out that this was more cost-effective than they originally thought, due to our relationships with hardware and software vendors, which lets us procure new devices and servers for our clients at a much lower cost.


One of the most critical tasks was to quickly help the firm devise an efficient yet secure way to store and manage literally hundreds of terabytes worth of data.

Law firms must adhere to strict archival compliance standards that are mandated by both state and federal laws, as they store highly confidential and valuable client information.

Ntiva proposed a cloud-based virtual server solution that would streamline their data storage and retrieval needs, and allow for unlimited scalability as they grew.

All necessary security measures were put in place to make sure the firm was compliant, including securing data “at rest” and data “in transit", as well as other cyber security measures that were badly needed.

icon-4.png   THE IMPACT

The new network design helped the firm improve operational productivity, including updated computers and software that made employees both happier and more productive. 

Document storage and retrieval has now been completely over-hauled, ensuring not only easy access but compliance to strict security standards.

Ntiva continues to work with internal staff to help alleviate the workload and offers strategic IT consulting as needed.


Law Firm moves to cloud for Security and Compliance reasons

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