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Most educational institutions already have substantial in-house IT departments, but still choose to work with a Managed IT Services company such as Ntiva, in order to help with over-flow work or for specialized projects.

Sometimes this means outsourcing day-to-day IT support so that the in-house IT team can focus on more strategic projects. Other times we're brought in to help with specialty projects such as hardware and software procurement, network and security consulting, or migrations to the cloud.

Read on to find out how we can help you with other IT challenges:



What are IT services and how can they help educational institutions? Learn how Ntiva quickly helped this private school in Maryland out of a dire situation, and went on to provide consistent and reliable IT support to keep their systems at peak performance.



Our it solutions for private education

Ntiva works with some of the most prestigious independent schools in the Washington DC metro area to help manage their IT systems and provide specialized technology services. A short list of service offerings may include:

Day-to-Day Managed IT Services

We can manage and support all your technology investments including laptops, desktops and servers, relieving you of your routine maintenance tasks that are holding your back. Unlimited ticket support and on-site maintenance is part of our standard package, you can check out our most popular IT services pricing here.

We also include our remote monitoring services which can catch potential problems before they have an impact on your environment, ensuring the best up-time possible. While there are many similar issues across our education clients, every situation and system is different, so let us design the optimal solution that fits your budget and objectives. Reach out to us to learn more about the best IT services Washington DC and surrounding areas!

Cloud Migration Services

Cloud technologies and services provide a wide variety of benefits to reduce costs while increasing access and security. We can help you migrate to contemporary cloud applications so students and faculty can engage and collaborate, while ensuring that data is safe and secure.

We can also advise you on adopting cloud storage solutions so documents and papers can be accessed and shared more easily. Our cloud readiness assessment is designed to help you understand how the right technologies can help you take advantage of the benefits of moving to the cloud.

Cybersecurity Services and Disaster Recovery

Educational institutions need to protect their students and their personal data. We can ensure that proper cybersecurity software is implemented with a comprehensive security audit to identify vulnerabilities and make recommendations to limit exposure.

Our managed security service continuously monitors emerging threats to ensure all patches and software updates are implemented on a timely manner so your data stays secure. Cybersecurity services also include regular backup procedures that enable data and configurations to be rapidly restored if an outage should occur, reducing downtime so students, teachers, and administrators can quickly get back to business!


is your in-house it staff overwhelmed?

Scan through our infographic to learn the benefits that Managed IT services can offer an education institution whose internal IT staff simply can't keep up.




Solutions for private education

Want to learn more about the wide range of solutions we have for the Private Education sector?

A hardisk spinning in front of a cloud representing Data Back-up and Recovery

Data Back-up and Recovery

Malware attacks happen every second and half of business data now lives outside the data center. There are a lot of choices out there, so let us help you choose the best data backup option!

 Two Message Bubbles representing Web Collaboration

Microsoft Office 365

Every week we migrate clients from old email systems to Office 365. We've seen all the snags before and can keep your project on-track, as well as offering discounts for qualified organizations.

Secure Wifi

Secure Wifi

Wi-Fi gives you freedom from wires, but it’s not secure by default. We can help ensure you have the correct configuration for top network performance and reliability, as well as the right process in place to securely manage employee and guest access.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

In many businesses, smartphones have now overtaken PCs as the primary means for accessing important company data. We can show you how set up strong security measures for all your employees' devices.