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Managed IT & Security Services for private education

Many educational institutions already have an in-house IT team providing day-to-day support.

The challenge is keeping up with the demands, including the latest in technology which parents and students now expect, maintaining adequate levels of security, and creating strategic IT plans that will help the school grow and thrive.

A common solution for over-burdened teams who can't seem to keep up is co-managed IT services.

When you have a team of IT professionals available 24x7 to augment and assist your existing team, you're able to achieve goals that seemed out of reach - without the expense of hiring and maintaining additional headcount.

Your organization can benefit from access to a wide range of engineers and expertise to not only "fill the gaps", but let your existing team focus on their top priorities without distraction.

Here are just a few areas where we can assist:

  • Automated software management and updates
  • Equipment procurement and set up
  • Remote service desk and on-site support
  • Cybersecurity Services
  • Managed Backup and Recovery
  • Strategic IT Planning

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IT services and support for Education

Extending Your IT Team

It's far more cost effective to fill the gaps with a Managed IT Services partner for a flat rate monthly fee, than hiring, managing and retaining expensive IT talent. You can choose which IT services you want to outsource, from basic maintenance to sophisticated cybersecurity services to IT strategic planning and consulting. Cloud solutions, phone systems, help desk - you name it, we can provide it - around the clock with no sick days and no holidays!


Organizations that shift IT responsibilities to a Managed Service Provider often see up to 40%-50% improvement in operational efficiencies. MSPs are very proficient at executing routine tasks such as patching software, backing up data and monitoring systems around the clock. We've invested in sophisticated, automated systems that most businesses could not afford on their own, resulting in efficiencies that we can pass on to our clients.


There is no question that cybersecurity should be your top priority. A cyber attack can wreak havoc on any organization, but educational institutions are especially vulnerable. Exposing sensitive student and teacher information can have unforeseen reputation and legal implications, not to mention days and possibly weeks of downtime. If you don't have the time or talent in-house, it's imperative you outsource your security to an expert who can offer 24x7 monitoring, analysis, alerts and remediation as required.

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Learn how we helped this Private School
recover from an emergency outage

An independent school in Maryland reached out to us to help solve an emergency outage.

Their core network switching had failed, which meant students and teachers could not access on-premise data or hosted applications as they no longer had Internet access.

We immediately dispatched a technician who quickly solved the issue. Unfortunately, after the outage their servers had gone back to factory reset, which meant all prior configurations had been lost. This meant days of restoring data and re-building server configurations, a very expensive proposition.

Although the school had a small internal IT team, they had become overwhelmed with day-to-day management and had no time for strategic planning. Their backup and recovery solution was out of date, along with many other systems.

After the issue was resolved, Ntiva was asked to remain on board in a co-managed IT capacity.  The school realized their existing IT team needs extra support in specific areas, in order to make the most out of their technology investment and prepare for the future.

Read the full case study here.

Managed IT Services
Private Education

Founded in 2004, Ntiva has grown to service more than 1000 clients from many different industries. We know how difficult it is for organizations to keep up with fast changing technology, not to mention escalating cyber threats.

Over the years we’ve listened to our client’s needs and have specialized in helping them comply with increasingly strict security regulations, which are starting to affect almost all industries, including private educational institutions.

Many independent schools choose to keep their internal IT teams for day-to-day support, but reach out to IT services providers such as Ntiva to help fill gaps and act as an extension of the existing team. Reach out to us if you would like to learn more about how we can help!



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