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IT Solutions for Business by Industry Need
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Has your work environment changed?

Today’s business is vastly different from even a few years ago. 75% of the workforce is mobile, malware attacks happen every second, and half of business data lives outside the data center.

This means that your old backup solution may be out-of-date and not in compliance with regulatory requirements. There are many data backup options out there from different vendors at varying pricing points, so let us help you make the best business decision!


Ready to move to Microsoft Office 365?

Surprisingly, many non-profits and other organizations with tight budgets still maintain their own on-premise mail servers, significantly increasing their costs.

Every week we migrate clients from old email systems to Office 365, reducing capital costs, improving ROI, and ensuring uptime.  We've seen all the snags before and can keep your project on-track, as well as offering discounts for qualified organizations. 


Looking to improve desktop security?

Many organizations, such as finance and healthcare, must comply with strict privacy regulations - while at the same time making it easy for staff to access consistent and up-to-date business data from anywhere.

Desktop virtualization can provide trouble-free yet secure access from almost any device, ensuring consistency and reliability. This not only reduces management overhead, but significantly enhances data security.


Need to beef up Office 365 security?

Microsoft Office 365 can do a lot of things, but like most platforms, it can’t do everything! Organizations that need to comply with strict security mandates will need extra protection.

This may include a layered security approach, including Spam and Virus Protection, Email Archviving, Email Continuity and Email Encryption. Learn more about the options that are available to keep you in compliance. 


Is your Wi-Fi network secure?

Wi-Fi gives you freedom from wires, but it’s not secure by default. Wi-Fi routers and access points aren’t secure when you purchase them, and they could have been set up with out-of-date security options by your previous ISP.

We can help ensure you have the correct configuration for top network performance and reliability, as well as the right process in place to securely manage employee and guest access.  


Is your Intellectual Property protected?

Many legal, financial and technical institutions depend on protecting their intellectual property such as patents, trademarks, copyrights and more.

Yet we all fully depend on electronic communication, along with tightening privacy laws and regulations. We can introduce you to email encryption and archiving options that can help protect your valuable IP.


Looking for cost-effective collaboration?

If you're on a tight budget and don't have strict compliancy concerns, you might want to investigate some of the new apps such as Google Hangouts, Slack, HipChat, and Zoom.

We can give you unbiased advice on which solution is most suitable for your business, showing you the pro’s and con’s, guiding you to the right decision and even doing the install and end user training to get you up and running. 


Worried about HIPAA, FINRA, ITAR?

For commercial businesses, associations and non-profits who are subject to regulatory compliance, securing digital communications has an added level of complexity.

Every organization is subject to specific regulations, so there is no universal “one size fits all." We can assist with technical requirements and the practical policies that will help you get in compliance and stay in compliance. 


Is your mobile device usage surpassing PCs?

In many businesses, smartphones have now overtaken PCs as the primary means for accessing important company data. The upside to this is increased productivity, but the downside is compromised security.

We can show you how to build a plan to manage multiple devices, set up strong security measures, and create a reliable yet easily accessible network for your employees.