Government contractor lowers it expenses by 30% 

icon-1.png   The Challenge

A busy government contractor in Washington, D.C. had a small, in-house IT team who were getting overwhelmed by day-to-day support requests.

This meant the IT team did not have the time to keep up with increasingly complex requirements, let alone find the time to tackle specialty projects such as upgrading outdated systems.

Old, expensive to maintain software and hardware were still in place, costing the firm unnecessary IT dollars on an ongoing basis.

icon-2.png   The Solution

Ntiva was called in on a project basis to do a complete audit of their existing infrastructure and operations.

After a deep dive investigation, a strategy was presented to simplify their core network, with a big focus on streamlining their data center.

Outdated hardware and software in their data center was eliminated by server consolidation and virtualization, lowering their total cost of ownership by at least 30%.

Comprehensive training was delivered to the IT staff, along with detailed documentation of all physical and virtual elements, so that they could maintain operations going forward.

icon-3.png   Technology Highlight

One of the crucial items that had been overlooked was a robust security implementation.

Every business needs a bullet proof cyber security strategy, but government contractors in particular are subject to strict compliance when working with Federal agencies.

Any contractor or sub-contractor who does business with the federal government is responsible for complying with a long list of legal requirements, and cyber security is top of that list.

One of the key missing elements was a compliant data backup and disaster recovery solution, which Ntiva proposed and implemented to ensure compliance with the current government standards.

icon-4.png   THE IMPACT

Updating the outdated software and hardware in the data center not only saved on IT expenses, but made a big difference to employee productivity, and eased the burden on the small IT team.

The contractor is now in a solid place to manage their IT operations with confidence, is up to date with compliance needs, and continues to use Ntiva as an ongoing IT consultant for major decisions and projects.


GOVERNMENT CONTRACTOR lowers it expenses by 30%

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