EVENT AGENCY bolsters in-house team with ntiva IT consulting

icon-1.png   The Challenge

A Washington, D.C. based event management agency was having trouble providing their employees, who work in multiple different locations across the country, consistent access to company data and applications.

This was especially important during the run up to big events when inconsistent performance was unacceptable, and was starting to seriously affect employee productivity across the board.

The small IT team went looking for outside advice, and utilized Ntiva's IT consulting services to come up with a joint plan that would work for their budget.

icon-2.png   The Solution

Ntiva met with the existing IT department to get a full picture of their specific needs and challenges. It was quickly agreed that for this company, implementing a remote desktop solution such as RDS would solve many issues.

With RDS, all employees regardless of location or device could log in to a centralized server where all data and applications resided.

This meant everyone had the exact same experience, with consistent and secure access to the most recent, updated data at all times.

Using RDS also meant lowering the maintenance burden for the small IT team. Instead of trying to keep up with software updates and patches on almost 100 workstations and laptops spread across the country, RDS provided the team with centralized control, making it easy to ensure everyone was using the same up-to-date software.

They also avoided a heavy capex hit which was coming their way, as there was no longer an urgent need to upgrade or replace older PCs.

With a solution such as RDS, the processing is done on the server side, so the end-user hardware is not as important.


It was important to ensure that the new network infrastructure was correctly maintained, so Ntiva created an ongoing support plan for the IT team.

The agency also made the decision to outsource routine IT management tasks to Ntiva.

This included help desk and network monitoring and management services, which enabled the IT team concentrate on more strategic projects instead of wasting time and money on simple and repetitive tasks.

icon-4.png   THE IMPACT

By installing the remote desktop hosting solution, the agency benefited from improved performance and reliability for all employees, with the added benefit of easier maintenance and reduced costs.

Just as important, outsourcing basic IT services to Ntiva will continue to keep the agency’s network in tip top shape, reduce the burden on the small IT team, and provide access to strategic technology guidance as needed.


EVENT AGENCY bolster in-house team with ntiva IT consulting

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