By Ntiva Editorial Team on Oct 29, 2015

Five New Features of Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft has done a lot of changes in Office 2016, and while some of the features are only a slight leap from Office 2013, there are enough improvements and enhancements to garner interest, even in light of the availability of free productivity tools such as Google Docs. Below are five key features that give Office 2016 an edge over the competition:

Document Editing in Real Time

The key to successfully working with a team is collaboration, and Office 2016 offers this by allowing you to see what your co-workers or friends are doing as you edit documents. This is done in real time, which means that you will see the names of your co-workers appear in miniature boxes whenever they edit a specific area.

"Clutter" Automatically Organizes Your Inbox

Keeping an inbox organized is a task that many of us dread. In the past it had to be done manually, which was a tedious, time consuming process. With Office 2016, Microsoft has introduced a new feature called Clutter, which scans your inbox and moves email which is considered non-essential to a specified folder. Even better, Clutter is an adaptive program, meaning it "learns" from the actions of the user and how they organize their email, and will then behave accordingly.

Interface Features Vibrant Colors

With Office 2016, Microsoft takes the colors most associated with this software and places them further within the ribbon type interface. While this may seem like a small change to previous Office users, it is one part of Microsoft’s strategy to create a superior experience. In addition to the default colors that come with the software, users can also download and use unique themes.

It Shows You What to Do and How to Do It

Office 2016 introduces a cutting edge feature called "Tell Me" which makes it easier for newbies to learn the software. While previous versions of Office used Clippy, "Tell Me" does more than merely show the user what to do; it also teaches them how to do it. This feature is Important because it helps new users overcome the learning curve that is typically associated with these type of programs.

Increased Integration with Excel

If you’re a power user who frequently performs complex operations in Excel, you will be pleased to learn that Microsoft has integrated numerous add-ons directly into the user interface of Office 2016, which means that its business intelligence capabilities are greatly enhanced. This means that users will be capable of handling a larger number of data sources, and they will also be able to analyze this data much more rapidly. Microsoft has also added a new selection of graphs as well as charts.

Remember that Office 2016 is not a quantum leap over its predecessors; it was never meant to be. It is a gradual improvement, which is exactly what you would expect from such a widely used program. All in all, it offers something for everyone, whether you’re new to the software or an Office veteran who has used it for years.

When you are doing the next round of device renewal, we highly suggest that you install Office 2016 on your computers!