Facebook makes Big Changes to your News Feed (why this affects your business posts)
By Holly Dowden on Jan 13, 2018

Facebook makes Big Changes to your News Feed (why this affects your business posts)

Facebook is changing how it ranks posts, videos and photos that appear in your News Feed, putting friends and family first – and public content (e.g. your business posts) second.

If you have a personal Facebook account, you may have noticed over the years that your News Feed has been taken over by business and media posts (and I mean posts, not ads) such as videos, news and product pushes that had nothing to do with your interests or your network.

Facebook has acknowledged that passive consumption of information, e.g. idly scrolling through feeds as opposed to chatting and interacting with friends and family, has proven to have a negative effect on our sense of well-being.

Additionally, Facebook has recently been severely criticized for political polarization, the spreading of fake news and hurting rather than helping society.

Facebook’s stated intent is to foster more meaningful interactions between the people you are close to, and de-emphasizing unpaid or “organic” posts from businesses, brands and media.

This means the posts from people you interact with the most – friends and family - will rise to the top.

These posts will be prioritized based on the level of interaction on the posts, ranked by number of likes, comments and shares in your network.

Additionally, posts with long, thoughtful comments that reflect more time and care will be prioritized over those with simple “likes.”

But take note that any post that your Facebook friends find engaging, whether it be celebrities’ posts, silly videos or public news – basically any highly interactive post that your network is actually engaging with – will still rise to the top of your feed.

Mark Zuckerberg has publically stated that he expects the time people spend on Facebook will go down – but that the time you do spend will be more valuable.

He states that his sole objective is to bring people closer together, strengthen the type of social relationships that improve well-being and happiness, and make sure that time on Facebook is time well spent.

So what does this mean for your business posts?

If you have a Facebook account for your business and have been happily posting updates on your company or your product – take note that the chances of this being seen by anyone is extremely low.

Unless you pay. Business ads have not been affected by this change.

If you have fans that really love your company and engagement with your posts is through the roof, lucky you.

Otherwise, the only way you’re going to get seen and heard on Facebook is by opening up your wallet.